Environmental Rights

The Kingdom of North Sudan is built upon the strongest principles of environmental stewardship. Every citizen of the Kingdom is provided with environmental rights and freedoms that strengthen their individual health and well-being.

I - Right to a Healthy and Ecologically Balanced Environment;

II - Public Trust Duty on the government of North Sudan to afforded the greatest level of environmental protections;

III - Right to Access to Environmental Information;

IV - Right to Participate in Environmental Decision-Making;

V - Right to Request Review of Policies, Regulations and Laws;

VI - Right to Apply for an Investigation;

VII - Access to Justice: Right of all Kingdom Citizens to Bring a Legal Action before the Courts;

VII - Whistleblower Protection.

So be it proclaimed on June 16, 2014 that every man, woman and child of the Kingdom of North Sudan shall be provided for, preserved and protected by this pledge of inalienable environmental rights.